Mega Millions Lottery Number Generator

Mega Millions Lottery Lucky Number Generator

How To Use This Mega Millions Number Generator?

  1. Number of Lucky Numbers: Enter the quantity of lucky numbers you want to generate. This field accepts numerical input only.
  2. Generate Numbers Button: Click this button to generate the Mega Millions lucky numbers based on the input quantity. In the Mega Millions lottery, the main numbers range from 1 to 70, and the Mega Ball ranges from 1 to 25.
  3. Clear Button: Click this button to clear all generated numbers from the display.
  4. Copy Numbers Button: Click this button to copy the generated numbers to the clipboard.
  5. Download as Image Button: Click this button to download the generated numbers as an image.
  6. Result: The generated Mega Millions lucky numbers will be displayed in this container. Each row represents a set of lucky numbers, including five main numbers and one Mega Ball.
    • Main Numbers: The main numbers in the Mega Millions lottery range from 1 to 70. When generating lucky numbers, the script ensures that each set of main numbers contains five unique numbers within this range. Represented by blue balls.
    • Mega Ball: The Mega Ball in the Mega Millions lottery ranges from 1 to 25. This additional number is drawn separately from the main pool of numbers. The script generates one unique Mega Ball for each set of lucky numbers. Represented by a red ball.
  7. Mega Ball Indicator: Below the result container, there is an indicator informing you that red color indicates the Mega Ball.

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