Lucky For Life Lottery Number Generator

Lucky For Life Lottery Random Number Generator

How To Use This Lucky4Life Lottery Number Generator?

  1. Quantity Selection: Enter the number of lucky numbers you want to generate into the “Number of Lucky Numbers” input field. This field only accepts numerical input.
  2. Generate Numbers: Click the “Generate Numbers” button to generate the specified quantity of Lucky For Life lucky numbers. Each lucky number set will consist of 5 main numbers (ranging from 1 to 48) and 1 Lucky Ball (ranging from 1 to 18).
  3. Clear Generated Numbers: If you want to clear the generated numbers from the display, click the “Clear” button.
  4. Copy Numbers: Click the “Copy Numbers” button to copy the generated numbers to your clipboard. You can then paste them into a document or any other desired location.
  5. Download as Image: Click the “Download as Image” button to save the generated numbers as an image file (PNG format). This image will contain the displayed lucky number sets along with the indication of the Lucky Ball in red.
  6. Result Display: The generated Lucky For Life lucky numbers will be displayed in the result container. Each row represents a set of lucky numbers, including 5 main numbers and 1 Lucky Ball. Main numbers are represented by blue balls, while the Lucky Ball is represented by a red ball.
  7. Lucky Ball Indicator: Below the result container, there is an indicator informing you that the red color indicates the Lucky Ball. This helps you easily identify the Lucky Ball among the generated numbers.

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