Simple Lottery Number Generator

Board Lucky Number Generator

How To Use This Board Number Generator?

  1. Set your needs:
    • After selecting the generator type, you’ll see input fields and options specific to that generator.
    • For the “Board Lucky Generator,” you need to provide the following:
      • Number of Lottery Numbers: Enter the quantity of lottery numbers you want to generate.
      • Select Board: Choose between Board A, Board B, or Board C.
      • Choose a Number (0-9): Select a number between 0 and 9.
  2. Generating Numbers:
    • Click the “Generate Numbers” button to generate the lottery numbers based on the selected parameters.
    • The numbers will appear as colored balls on the screen.
  3. Copying Numbers:
    • Click the “Copy Numbers” button to copy the generated numbers to your clipboard.
    • You can then paste them into a document or any other desired location.
  4. Downloading as Image:
    • If you wish to download the generated numbers as an image, click the “Download as Image” button.
    • This will create an image file (.png) containing the generated numbers.
  5. Clearing Results:
    • If you want to clear the generated numbers from the screen, click the “Clear” button.

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